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Note: For the past 10 years, we've been successful in holding the line on the prices will had to charge for our services. However, this past year market increases on materials to gasoline necessitates that we increase our fees on March 1st 2022 by $5.00. Specifically, an installation will become $50, Fixes/ Moves will change to $30 and our hourly rate for custom signs and Billboards will become $60 per hour.

We will continue to meet your sign needs as promptly and professionally as possible; as always, we value the business relationships we have with each and every one of you and we pride ourselves in our customer service.

What We Do: We are the original real estate sign installers, with over 20+ years of service. Others often imitate, but can never duplicate our excellent service! We make our own colonial posts (Lease), Install, Maintain and Remove Real Estate Signs and Billboards. Just ask around, you can find no service better.


We tend to travel "North" (Portland & Up) one day and travel "South" (South Portland & Down) the next. This repeats for all 5 business days of the work week.  However, this general rule of thumb, can be thrown off kilter via the need for a "West" run. We try not to work weekends but will work Saturday's if our work load demands it. We do not work Sunday's.

Orders, within our Normal Sevice Area, have a 2-3 business day rule (weather dependant) and in our Extended Service Area, there is a 5 business day rule (also weather dependant). Please send in your oder (email) in a timely manor. If recieved on a Wednesday, it will be done that week. However, orders recieved on Thursday's and Friday's may not, depending on the installation location, and the dirrection of the run the following day (weather dependant). We always send confirmation within 24hrs of recieving your order. If you do not get an "order recieved" email, it is likely that we didn't get your order. In such cases contact us ASAP. 

Always let us know when your Open House is on the order Especially if it is an emergency i.e. you forgot to send in the order. Honesty goes a long way in our books. However, if every order is ASAP, then all orders will be considered standard and not ASAP.

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About Us

The Sign Guy is a family-owned-and-operated post business. 

Specializing in Real Estate & Commercial Signs

When it comes to advertising with signs, no one does it better and more affordably than The Sign Guy. We provide complete, professional sign post services to advertise your real estate or business. From installation to removal and everything in between, we’re the trusted source for the greater Portland, Lewiston/Auburn, Saco/Biddeford, and Bath/Brunswick areas of Maine. Now we also provide commercial post and sign services in conjunction with our current residential realty services. Contact us today for more information or to make your order, complete our Order Form and e-mail it in.

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Guaranteed Services

All work is guaranteed and fully insured. We guarantee installation in our normal service area within 2-3 business days and 5 business day in our extended service area. Should there be a problem with inclement weather which delays your post installation, we’ll contact you so you can let your sellers know. Be sure to read our billing and policies too. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by e-mail.

Sign & Post Services Billing & Policies

Please email all orders to thesignguyinc@outlook.com or, in a pinch, text them to 207-899-5152 .

Please put the properties address in the subject line.

We will need your name, organization, Realtors Name (if an admin) and phone numbers. If it's an install, remove, fix, etc. a brief description of the property and the nearest cross roads as a reference.

Land Listings, Houses without Numbers and Home Owners that have special needs i.e. Irrigation systems r invisible dog fences:

Please Flag where you would like the post to go. We like to have a picture of the property to reference (with flag) along with a description of how to get to the property (i.e. nearby cross roads). We heavily depend on GPS, so GPS addresses are helpful. Lot maps are essential with Developments. Finally, with land listings that have no other landmarks to reference, we like telephone pole numbers (i.e. the flag is between pole 1A and 1B).


All condo's MUST have written permission, from the condo association, with a description of where they will allow the post (exerts form their bylaws works too). This needs to be emailed prior to the install, so it can be attached to the order. If we do not have this, we can not install. More often than not, tenants and association members WILL come out whist we are at the property to confront our installer.

Seasonal Information:

MUD SEASON: After the thaw, there are often many posts that will need to be fixed. The ground (from frozen to soft) is due to spring's rain and warmer weather, which causes the post to lean. Especially if pulled on. A little is okay, however, we take pride in how our posts look, and we want to know if it is significant enough to warrant a fix. Please let us know and we will happily go out to rectify its appearance.

RAIN: We can not install in the rain unless it is light due to the fact that the hole can fill up with water and, the once dry dirt from the hole, can turn to soup. Also, the post will most  likely lean, as mud doesn't compact well and we would have to return more than once to fix said post.

SLEAT, SNOW & HAIL: We can, and usually, travel over 200 miles a day. So the roads must be cleared, sanded, and salted before we can head out. We can't install during freezing rain or heavy snow (visibility lessened) as our installer usually parks in the brake down lane (or a driveway if possible) with hazards on. Our installer has had too many near misses, from drivers not paying attention or due to icy conditions. Although these near misses can happen at any time of the year.

WARMER WEATHER (Dry): When we install in dry weather (spring, summer and fall) we normally paint the post on site so that our posts look their best. ALWAYS be mindful when putting up riders or panels during this time as, in all likelihood, it has wet paint and we don't want you to ruin your outfit or shoes.